• Elven Culture • 100+/Square or Pop • Wonders when & size • Fully expanded Wonder Data • 
ChRace/AncientCulture Item/WonderSize GemsCult.HPop.C/Sq
7FairyClassy Lantern1x1101101
7FairyPrincess Anwen1x1136102102102
9WoodelvesWood Ghosts Housing1x1152152
10Sorcerers & DragonsMerdina's Broomstick1x1240210210
11HalflingsPole of Donations1x1340340
12ElementalsButterfly Shrub1x1240800800
13AmuniDecorative Palm1x1460460

5ElvesHarmony Boardwalk1x2170250125
9WoodelvesTreants Grave1x2260130
10Sorcerers & DragonsWall of Wisdom1x24401090545
11HalflingsWater Lily1x2250125
12ElementalsThe Unknown Elvenar1x2450172225

8OrcsRed Queen's Kiss1x3380126
10Sorcerers & DragonsChess Pieces1x3790263
11HalflingsGarden Furnace1x372025023083
12ElementalsLife Drawing Session1x3480160
13AmuniObelisk of the Expellee1x31440480

8OrcsFancy Fossil Rock1x4460115
8OrcsRaptor's Nest1x45901090272
10Sorcerers & DragonsProf. Juan's Needful Things1x435013487
11HalflingsTraditional Fishery1x49103000750
12ElementalsMonument of a peaceful Past1x41770442
13AmuniFloating Obelisk1x49602300575
13AmuniFlowers Last Resort1x4580145

4ElvesEnar's Unicorn2x1160220110
7FairySmall Shrine2x11084154
8OrcsShrooms of Joy2x1280470235
9WoodelvesAutumn's Greetings2x1380190
10Sorcerers & DragonsHexed Hedge2x1570285
12ElementalsPark Bench2x1440220
13AmuniTreasure Vault2x14801030950515

7FairySinging Fish Organ2x2810*202

6DwarvesMysterious Gate Keeper2x36401100*183

8OrcsWar Drums3x1340113
9WoodelvesMana Fountain3x1640213
11HalflingsGuarding Grimaces3x1970323
ChRace/AncientCulture Item/WonderSize GemsCult.HPop.C/Sq
12ElementalsSide Canal3x17202000666

2Secret WondersGolden Abyss3x33 Hrs: +5% of MH coin Capacity,
+15% of Working Population
4ElvesGoddess of Fertility3x3690550*51061
5ElvesGolden Torch Tower3x37401200*133
8OrcsGrab Rap Shroom3x311902300*255

10Sorcerers & DragonsSeal of Ansgard3x424002100*1960175

3Wonders of TempestNeedles of the Tempest3x5Light Ranged Damage +40%,
Double Training Speed
12ElementalsCafe Masquerade3x56500433

8OrcsKing Diabhal's Throne3x62300*127
9WoodelvesWell of Spirits3x631005200*288

7FairyTemple of Seeds3x724004700*223
7Fairy WondersBlooming Trader Guild3x7Reduction to 0% Trader's Fee,
500% Wholesale Offer Boost,
40% Portal Production Boost

6Dwarven WondersMountain Halls3x8+160% Increased Goods Boost,
+15% Additional Population

8OrcsRaid's Reward4x1520130
9WoodelvesGate of Manepica4x1720540500135
10Sorcerers & DragonsWitch Market Stall4x125062
13AmuniAttentive Observers4x11590397

13AmuniFallen Brother4x33900325

2Secret WondersTome of Secrets4x4+6 Knowlege Points / 24 hours,
Scout: +40% MH supply Capacity
6DwarvesElder Dragon Oracle4x416002800*175
7FairyHarvest Festival4x41680*105
9WoodElf WondersFlying Academy4x4+150% Mage Unit Size,
+100% Training Speed Boost
12ElementalsTourch Fountain4x41800112

5Forgotten WondersWatchtower Ruins4x5+80% Culture Help Bonus,
+40% Required Culture
8OrcsSymphony of the Swamp4x528006000*300
10Sorcerer & Dragon WondersDragon Abbey4x5+40% Stronger Mage Units,
40x Mana per spell usage

5Forgotten WondersThrones of the High Men4x6+150% Ranking Points,
+150% Culture per build/upgrade
10Sorcerers & DragonsEternal Staircase4x6440016800*700
ChRace/AncientCulture Item/WonderSize GemsCult.HPop.C/Sq
13Amuni WondersPyramid of Purification4x6150% Units/Squad Barracks Heavy Melee,
150% Orc Prod. random Sentient Goods

9WoodElf WondersEnar's Embassy4x7Broken Shard Production: 6 / 7 days,
400x Mana / Scout
11HalflingsGrape Farm4x75900210
13AmuniScarab Merchant Ship4x76700330001178

10Sorcerers & DragonsArcane Library5x31740*116
12ElementalsParade Bridge5x3360029002600193

3Tempest WondersEndless Excavation5x46 Relics / Provence,
+20% Supplies / Hour for 24 hours
7Fairy WondersProsperity Towers5x4Power of Provision +100% Duration,
Power of Provision +300% Effect,
Supply Prod. +5% MH Capacity/3 hours
8OrcsCampfire BBQ5x42900*145
8Orc & Goblin WondersShrine of the Shrewdy Shrooms5x4+150% Squad Size Units,
40x Training Size
9WoodelvesMarlo the Patron Saint5x4350010100*505
13AmuniBath of Pleasures5x441001600205

4Elven WondersMartial Monastery5x5+30% Troop Health,
+40% required Culture
8Orc & Goblin WondersHeroes' Forge5x5+40% Heavy Melee Damage,
Orc Prod. +700% of % Completed Provences
9WoodelvesWeeping Willow5x53500*140
11HalflingsTorrin, God of Harvest5x5490019400776
11Halfling WondersElvenar Trade Center5x5160 x Devine Seeds / 12 hours,
Magical Manufacturing +100% Duration,
Magical Manufacturing +100% Power

7FairyPond of Recreation5x63700*123
10Sorcerer & Dragon WondersMaze of the Dark Matter5x620x Mana / 3 hours,
2% reduced Mana Decay

7HalflingsBarnyard of Happy Pets6x337001430205
11Halfling WondersTemple of the Toads6x3+150% of current Squad Size,
140% Stronger Heavy Ranged Units
13AmuniCat Theater6x343009000500

4Elven WondersCrystal Lighthouse6x4Neighborly Help Reward 2000%,
Longer Neighborly Help 200%
6DwarvesWayfarer's Tavern6x41300*46054
7FairyGiant Snail Palace6x430003200*2900133
ChRace/AncientCulture Item/WonderSize GemsCult.HPop.C/Sq
10Sorcerers & DragonsMagic Maze6x48000*333
12ElementalsTemple of the Elements6x4580018400766
12Elemental WondersVictory Springs6x4+92% Training Grounds training speed,
Light Melee Unit +40% Damage

12Elemental WondersSunset Towers7x3120x MH Level Devine Seeds/Help,
reduces overnight Devine Seed decay to 2%

6Dwarven WondersDwarven Bulwark7x4Light Melee Units +150% SquadSize,
Training Size +150% Squad Size
9WoodelvesWoodelves Habitat7x42900*1350103
11HalflingsGarden Party7x4650013800492

13Amuni WondersLighthouse of Good Neighborhood8x3Ensorcelled Endowment +100% Duration,
Ensorcelled Endowment +11% Effect,
+15% Help Mana Production
H = Help   * Doublable: Culture/Square not doubled.

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